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We needed to shoot his idea in addition to the revised ending we had already planned.”. “We had to convey Mother’s power in a raw, visceral way.”, On set, an exploding blood bag punctuated each kill. (The faith practiced in the show resembles Christianity, but giving it the name and the deity of an actual ancient Roman religion keeps everything safely abstract.). “Literally ten or 12 of us were working things out and helping each other; there was nowhere else to go. Mind & Machine, Spin VFX and more. As the androids set up camp and begin to raise their artificial family, the paradoxes are ready-made. Their new home is no paradise — most of the children succumb to disease, leaving just one, Campion (Winta McGrath), which doesn’t bode well for humanity. In this way, … The framework strongly recalls both “Battlestar Galactica,” in its combination of big ideas and apocalyptic space opera, and the mechanics of the “Terminator” films. Sharing information was especially important on Raised by Wolves, given the project’s scope. Once together, they could express themselves creatively with cineSync.”. Integrations Raised by Wolves. Ridley Scott, when he’s in his great-man-of-science-fiction mode, can be counted on to deliver a signature image. Known as Mother, and brought to life by the Danish actress Amanda Collin and a sizable digital-effects crew, she’s pretty much the whole show through the six episodes of “Wolves” made available to critics. A driving factor across all 3,700 of Raised by Wolves shots was realism. I’m able to achieve faster results, delivered at a higher quality. “The schedule demanded a lot of work, but completely worth it,” says Raymond. It doesn’t help that the production, shot in South Africa, has a drab, gray look. “I’ve been using cineSync at my company, Pixel Magic, for many years now: I regularly rely on it for all vendor communications,” says Raymond. Sept. 2, 2020. And this applies to all visual effects throughout the show, from the beginning right through to the end. “Our interactions and time spent on cineSync discussing this sequence really shone through for me. Raised by Wolves is set in a distant future following Earth’s destruction by religious war. “Even in my early years, I strongly felt that visual effects need to support the story rather than be central to it. “Because Raised by Wolves involved so many shots, I decided to have a creative download session via cineSync ahead of our bid package going out,” explains Raymond. Raymond began his career in film at a variety of summer jobs, but his education took a different track: he acquired a degree in engineering. Careers – We're hiring! Amanda Collin stars as a lethal android in “Raised by Wolves,” premiering Thursday on HBO Max. Once the believers arrive and Mother starts going into battle mode, the show settles into a more conventional TV-sci-fi groove, parceling out its flashback reveals, arduous journeys and flashy interludes of violence. ‘Raised by Wolves’ Review: Ridley Scott Among the Androids. As the androids make contact with this zealous and dangerous people, they struggle to control the beliefs of … cineSync came along for the ride, enabling the team to navigate a challenging schedule and deliver photoreal final results in record time. Release notes, About And as they’re forced to take ever more drastic measures to protect the children, they react in ever more human ways, severely testing the idea that there’s no such thing as a soul. Fifty years would pass before Scott would return to the small screen to direct; the decision made when he read Aaron Guzikowski’s script for HBO’s new science fiction series, Raised by Wolves. Online Video Approval, © 2020 ftrack. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task. With the help of cineSync, I’m able to communicate those nuances. If your appetite for portentous sci-fi action is robust, “Raised by Wolves” may go down easily enough, though mine is considerable and I still found my attention wandering by the second or third episode. Read on to discover how Raymond used cineSync to source, organise, and collaborate with each vendor, and how they united to build the operatic effects of Scott’s mind-bending sci-fi. “On Raised by Wolves, we aimed to create photorealistic results augmented by CG; they had to be completely invisible whenever possible, and keep attention focused on the story.”, Audiences see a great example of this photorealism in the show’s first episode. Raised by Wolves is science fantasy and much as it is science fiction. “By July of 2019, I’d had three days in Hollywood with Ridley, during which we sat down and discussed all ten Raised by Wolves episodes,” Raymond recalls. Raymond knew the shot would need to be a fully CG environment. In this new and dangerous setting two androids – named Father and Mother – are tasked with raising human children to start a peaceful, godless colony on the planet Kepler-22b. Security Taking Raised by Wolves’ visually impactful story from set to screen involved a year of post-production and the delivery of a mammoth 3,700 visual effects shots. At the show’s peak, Raymond reviewed more than 400 versions of shots per week via cineSync. Audiences witness all variety of imaginative effects throughout the show’s runtime, from city-sized spaceships and wartorn cityscapes to cyberpunk cybernetics and quadrupedal alien creatures. By the time post-production on Raised by Wolves had begun in earnest, Raymond was performing regular cineSync sessions with the show’s executive team, along with several in-house concept artists, to flesh out visual effects concepts. As a director, he has forged some of the most impactful scenes in cinema since filmmakers set the first movie camera to ‘record’. “We already had the ability to work remotely, so we just continued from home when things got crazy.”. These sessions went to inform cineSync reviews for each vendor. It’s this show’s version of the rainy neon cityscape in “Blade Runner” or the chest-exploding parasite in “Alien,” and while it’s not as startling as those, it makes you sit up and take notice. Ridley Scott’s career, however, was launched through a different medium: television. Developer “We performed all communication via cineSync,” says Raymond. The concept was revised during production and scheduled for reshooting in South Africa in February 2020. Enterprise In post, the sequence’s Toronto-based primary vendor, Mr. X, worked with Raymond to layer each practical blood explosion with CG particles that float in the air after the kill. The white-suited Mithraics, trotting across a desert landscape, invoke “Star Wars”; the harsh allegorical elements, “The Handmaid’s Tale”; the stylized speech and movements of the androids, the British series “Humans.” A mysterious, scurrying child in a cloak is the latest quotation of the eerie figure in “Don’t Look Now.”. “After seeing and discussing the work in cineSync, each potential vendor could truly understand what was required, and make an informed decision regarding what to put forward.”. Whatever the effect, however, it had to feel real. Registered in Sweden - 5568813769      Terms & Conditions      Privacy policy       中文       日本語. Once Raymond awarded the twelve Raised by Wolves vendors their shots, he used cineSync to run a creative kick-off session with each. As a producer and director of a new HBO Max series, the maker of “Blade Runner” and “Alien” indulges his taste for eerie robots and high-minded sci-fi. Vendors Mr. X, Pixomondo, BUF, CoSA VFX “After the three days, Ridley left to go scouting for his next feature, The Last Duel; he wasn’t available in person for a month. Wherever they’re based, you’ll feel like you’re working in the same room. But they’re more in the nature of data sets than drama; they feel as if they could have been assembled by the show’s intelligent androids. But mostly there’s just the wait for Mother to suit up and give us another adrenaline rush. Community forum What catches your interest are the performances of Collin and Abubakar Salim (as Mother’s partner, Father) — well executed examples of the formality and otherworldliness that typify cinematic A.I. There are other things going on, including a religious war and, more prominently, an elaborate, multipronged rumination on the meaning of parenting and family. “Using the cineSync interface and annotations, we art directed the blood particles’ float and gradual spread to make sure they felt fully believable and in line with Ridley’s requests and vision.”, Another key story beat takes place in the final episode of Raised by Wolves. Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian: Ridley Scott’s renown as a Hollywood film director is well documented. Not much attempt is made to hide or finesse the sources of what we’re watching; if anything, “Wolves” seems proud to be derivative. Ridley Scott has explored androids and blurring the line between synthetic and natural humans both in the Alien franchise and in Blade Runner.This theme continues in Raised by Wolves, especially with the advanced emotions Mother has been feeling and her newfound ability to procreate.Prometheus centers around David, an android who wants to create organic life. “We landed in South Africa, however, to find Ridley had sent us a brand new secondary revised ending via email. From Executive Producer Ridley Scott, Raised by Wolves centers on two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. “When working with your team or with vendors, you must give as much guidance, imagery, and creative direction as possible to achieve the desired result. “We had planned the sequence and the team was fully prepared to shoot the new ending,” says Raymond. cineSync unites those two elements.”. There’s entertainment in watching Mother and Father learn parenting the hard way, bewildered and saddened by the propensity of human children to manipulate, lie and fall into bottomless pits. With the help of cineSync, I was able to achieve my goal and to do so with fewer iterations.”, The Raised by Wolves team could also continue working without interruption when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In the new series “Raised by Wolves,” it’s a hovering android killing machine — a cross between an archangel and the hot robot of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” — who splatters humans with her banshee scream. Shade VFX, Crafty Apes, UPP, Pixel Magic, Help center Mother and Father, programmed to reject any notion of the supernatural and to instill atheism in their brood, are of course the new Adam and Eve, charged with rebooting the human race in their barren Eden. Raymond ran through the specifics required of each shot in cineSync, highlighting specific directions from the show executives, scriptwriter, and the man himself, Ridley Scott. Raymond and others became autodidacts who taught themselves visual effects as they made them. Veteran visual effects maven Raymond McIntyre Jr. charts his journey from the earliest days of the industry to managing 12 global vendors on Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves. All of this scene setting takes place in the highly watchable first episode, which has the hushed grandiosity Scott can bring to this kind of material. If you don’t supply that input, you’ll spend too much time working through iterations from creative teams before you get to refining the CG.”, cineSync was used to convey this input from day one onward, ensuring all Raised by Wolves vendors gained the necessary direction to produce work in alignment with the creative brief. Over the years, Raymond has worked as a VFX supervisor on projects of all kinds, from Spider-Man to 300, Looper, and Green Book. It’s not a bad bet that a green light went on in his head when he saw the potential of that lethal robot in Guzikowski’s story. Travis Fimmel and Niamh Algar add some grit as a Mithraic couple with their own unusual family arrangement, counterparts and antagonists for Mother and Father. “On Raised by Wolves, I was using cineSync before post had even begun, even at the vendor selection stage!”, When sourcing vendors for Raised by Wolves, Raymond would send out a bid package made up of Quicktimes and spreadsheets detailing work to interested vendors. “Wolves” begins as Mother and Father crash on a distant, scrubby planet, having been sent across space with a set of frozen human embryos by atheist forces who are losing an all-out war against a religious group called the Mithraics. “Today, there exist many more readily available resources and tools, but I still believe it’s our duty as artists to share as much information as possible and to help one another find new solutions and approaches,” says Raymond. Contact us, Creative Project Planning Project Raised by Wolves Nobody could teach you how to do compositing or create CG characters. cineSync is vital in that regard.”. “This was in the late 80s, when you could buy a computer off the shelf with software to create rudimentary graphics, but anything more required a deep understanding of computers, inside-out,” says Raymond. Partners At the time, there existed no formal schools on the subject.

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