escape from tarkov items to keep

Quest Items To Keep Quest Items To Keep (Filtered to In Raid) Hideout … Simply put, Escape From Tarkov Quest items are items that are required for you to finish certain quests. Want to have an Escape from Tarkov Quest Items checklist you can bookmark to keep track of everything that’s worth holding onto in the game? Officially no, you’re not allowed to trade for real money. I guess that the answer is no, but could use some help with that -.- Thanks! Comments for robots Some items sell for a lot more to traders than they do to other players, keep an eye out especially for : I’ll be focusing on level 1 trades since this list is meant to be short and help out new players. However, … I will be messaging you on 3019-04-19 18:24:53 UTC to remind you of this link. Rechargeable batteries can be traded with Skier for an adar, 2 duct tape trades for a car first aid kit with therapist, matches trade with therapist for painkillers but can also be sold on the flea market, 5 T-shaped plugs can be traded with prapor for an smg, A damaged hard drive gets you a backpack from peacekeeper, 8 scav knives will get you an MP5 from peacekeeper, 2 zibbo lighters will get you a grenade from peacekeeper (especially useful before you have flea market). 443k members in the EscapefromTarkov community. Pistols

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