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With Undonta's encouragement, Quill discovers his Celestial power and battles Ego to allow the other Guardians to escape and for Groot to finally plant the bomb on Ego's brain.[1]. However, the device was later removed,[30] and it does not need the engine to travel anymore. As Quill wonders, if Ego really did love Meredith, his father answers that he did, but because of this feeling, he almost abandoned his Expansion plans. 2. Having wondered about the existence of life out in the universe beside just himself, Ego tasked himself to find and discover life as he pulled up molecules to shape himself a biological humanoid avatar, an extension of his true self, to set foot and travel through the voyages of the cosmos. Yondu never revealed the truth about Ego to Quill so as not to frighten him, and always told him that he kept him as part of his clan because he needed a small boy who seemed useful enough to sneak through tight places to steal items. By the time we reached it, it might be quite superior to us — and that was Ego. [41], Pierre Comtois in the 2015 book Marvel Comics in the 1960s says, "With the creation of Ego [Lee and Kirby], unbelievably, managed to equal if not top their introduction of Galactus only a few months before. Feeling humiliated by his defeat, Ego vowed never to leave the Black Galaxy and renounced his plans of conquest. If its energy reserves are depleted, Ego can restore them by devouring planets, tapping into stars, or digesting large numbers of living beings. The character returned in the 1991 Thor annual and issues #448–450 (June–Aug 1992). Gender [39], In 2007 "Ego the Loving Planet", the story that ran in Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #12, featured Ego, and was praised by Ray Tate of ComicsBulletin for its simultaneous inventiveness and logical sense. Ego craved for more than what he accomplished over the course of eons, as he desired purpose and meaning. Ego returned as a protagonist in Thor #160–161 (Jan.–Feb. During their romantic relationship, in 1980, Ego and Meredith conceived their first child named Peter Quill, who would successfully inherit Ego's Celestial DNA, becoming his first offspring to grant the power of the Celestials. The interstellar coordinates of Ego's planet were G52 22C848T12F+E16UC22. Eson the Searcher used the Power Stone as a means of destroying an entire planet. ... [Y]ou would say, 'Yeah, that's wild,' but how do you relate to it? Every part of its substance, including the atmosphere, is alive as much as it is controlled by the consciousness of Ego. The bomb destroyed Ego's brain, while Quill watched his father's avatar disintegrate into the sand right in front of him. Until this point, both Star-Lord and Ego were about equally matched, however, Quill gained the upper hand through Groot's help with the bomb. It can project energy blasts to obliterate starships or planets,[28] read minds and scan their biological structure,[29] and communicate to sentient beings using telepathy. Gamora and Nebula discovered thousands of skeletons hidden inside the caves of Ego's planet, and Gamora's feeling that Ego was hiding a secret from them appeared to be right. After this, he came to a realization that he was not to walk among that life but instead found a new purpose, which was using The Expansion to spread across the universe, thus becoming the only life-form in all of existence. He found his discoveries "disappointing" when it came to dwelling among civilizations in all of the thousands of planets he explored. For a while, Ego was propelled through space via the engine Galactus implanted on its south pole, but eventually gained control of it through its vast mental powers, allowing it to travel through hyperspace at enormous speeds. Ego the Living Planet is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Disregarding the importance for her to be exposed to other lifeforms, Ego did not care for Mantis and autonomy as a person, but only himself. Ego, a powerful Celestial being and intergalactic explorer, traveled the cosmos in search of reuniting with his long-lost biological son, Peter Quill, and embarking on his most important mission together as … Ego then digests a number of Dire Wraiths to replenish its energy reserves, and battles the Spaceknight Rom. Deceased [12], Ego later joins the Elders of the Universe in a plan to destroy Galactus. [18] As Ego grows, it begins to consume the Earth, with the Supreme Intelligence intending to allow it to grow so that the Kree can take control of Ego and use it as a weapon against the rest of the universe. He went to visit her three times until it got in the way of his plans to transform the universe, so he "reluctantly" put a tumor within her brain to kill her. Um sein Gehirn herum bildete sich als sein Körper ein Planet. Although not obvious, Ego kept Mantis on his planet purely for his own benefit. In the hospital before her death, Meredith described Ego to her son as 'an angel' and 'a being composed of pure light', which her entire family regarded as a delusion. While Ego seeks a similar entity to itself, the Stranger has arranged for Alter-Ego to hate Ego, intending to learn through their battle if freedom or captivity breeds a stronger will. Ego ist der Antagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Ego once told Thor that his existence was the result of a scientist merging with a planet when that planet's sun went nova. This gave him a god complex; having witnessed countless species adapt and evolve, Ego didn't consider anyone to have reached his standard of species perfection except for his own race which he described as godlike and considered expanding his own power via transforming the galaxy into extensions of himself and his progeny as the only meaning of his eternal life. Ego furiously awakens and reforms his body, They enjoyed a brief moment of victory before a piece of falling debris strikes Mantis, reawakening the furious Ego. Actors/Actresses Realizing that Quill remains firmly against him, he attacked Quill with tentacles of blue energy from the floor to restrain him, one of them phasing through Quill's torso. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Ryan Reynolds And Paul Wernick Talk ‘Deadpool’ Sequel And The Surprising Link To ‘Guardians 2’, Matthew McConaughey On Choosing THE DARK TOWER Over GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. Udonta, however, realized that Ego had been recently killing all of the previous children that he had delivered to him. Appearances Ego then reveals that before his creation by the Stranger, his consciousness was that of a man named Egros, similar to Galactus' former self Galan. They recruited the Thunder God, Thor, to defeat Ego. Knowhere, a space-borne mining colony, is actually the severed head of a deceased Celestial. In his 1972 book Outlaws of America, Author Roger Lewis argues that Ego the Living Planet reflected risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth that people were contemplating in the 1960s, when he was initially conceived. Horrified and guilt-ridden, Yondu decided not to deliver the boy. [31] Another version of Ego in the Amalgam universe appeared in Thorion of the New Asgods as Ego-Mass, an amalgamation of Ego and the Source Wall. To that end, Ego was an emotionally cold, ruthless and manipulative being. This … [10], Years later, Ego gains control of the engine and tracks Galactus to Earth, seeking vengeance. It has various internal features similar to a biological lifeform, like large tunnels that have been compared to arteries and its consciousness is inside a giant, brain-like organ deep below its surface. While Ego used the bathroom, Gamora expressed her suspicions about Ego's true intentions. When Ego, Mantis and the Guardians spent time camping, Ego attempted to convince Quill to return to his home and show him his special heritage. [23], Ego learns he was one of two sentient bodies created by the Stranger for a science experiment, and that his brother Alter-Ego has been held in captivity by the Collector since birth. Is young Kurt Russell in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. In gratitude, Ego allowed its surface to become the new home of the Wanderers; a group of various alien races whose planets had been the very first to be devoured by Galactus billions of years ago. [1], Ego spends time on Earth with Meredith Quill. The Celestials are a group of fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Ego may have felt some grief for murdering all of his children as he needed Mantis to help him sleep through the only answer she gave was because of his progeny and not of any guilt or otherwise. Ego the Living Planet is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. This alien race influenced key events in human history for mysterious and unclear reasons. However, he later described himself as alternately \"the sailor\" and \"the sea\" from a song Quill's mother loved, demonstrating Ego's belief that he was the only thing that matters in the universe, at least from his perspective. Ego begann mit der Suche nach seinem Sohn. Ego the Living Planet (Kurt Russell) is, for all intents and purposes, a god. In this story, Ego causes natural disasters on Earth when he arrives to woo Giant Girl. 2 - Director's Audio Commentary, James Gunn Dishes On Star-Lord's Dad And THANOS' Role In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, James Gunn Reveals Why He Changed Star-Lord's Father. Nova manages to defeat Ego and free Worldmind by lobotomizing the Living Planet. Ego called it the 'Expansion'. That said, he was charming and hid his true nature by acting welcoming, friendly, and even humble, such as calling his planet no smaller than Earth's moon and stating himself as a god "with a small g." The only time Ego expressed fear and horror was at his last moments of life when Quill accepted being mortal and left him to die, knowing that his death meant that everything he created would be destroyed. Ego boarded on his own ship and departed from his planet as he set out amongst the stars to explore and visit thousands of worlds until he sought what he looked for: life. However, he is found and eaten. Later, he met human Meredith Quill and awed her almost instantly, under his disguise as a "spaceman". Ego, a powerful Celestial being and intergalactic explorer, traveled the cosmos in search of reuniting with his long-lost biological son, Peter Quill, and embarking on his most important mission together as … Realizing he was no longer alone in the universe, he dwelled and interacted with various humanoid beings of every galactic civilizations he encountered so far.[1]. The character first appeared in Thor #132 (September 1966) and was created by Jack Kirby. [24], When Ego is infested by large insect-like creatures he hires Rocket Raccoon to eradicate them. Ego sensed the bomb on his brain and pleaded with Quill, telling him that if he let Ego die, he would lose his godhood and be normal like everyone else. Ego captures Star-Lord in his light tentacle, "J'Son" was used as a codename for Ego in the concept art and on the script of the movie. Als er Gerüchte über einen Mann hörte, der einen Infinity-Stein halten konnte und es überlebt hatte, wusste er, dass diese Person nur sein Sohn sein könnte. As Gamora questioned him, Ego explains that he is called a Celestial, and exists in the planetary form they are walking on. Ego, a powerful Celestial being and intergalactic explorer, traveled the cosmos in search of reuniting with his long-lost biological son, Peter Quill, and embarking on his most important mission together as father and son. 2000); X-Men Unlimited #29 (Dec. 2000); Gambit #23 (Dec. 2000) and Maximum Security #1–3 (Dec. 2000 – Jan. 2001). Blink kills Ego by teleporting a mining drill into the Living Planet's brain.[32]. Ego then reformed himself, briefly taking the form of Quill's role model David Hasselhoff just to mock him. When Ego heard of a tale involving a man from Earth who held an Infinity Stone without dying, he realized this man must have been the son he sired with Meredith Quill, whom Udonta failed to deliver. They were responsible for key human evolutionary events, such as the genetic-offshoot races the Eternals and the Deviants as well as the emergence of super-humans both through the inclusion of the X-Gene and through beneficial mutation (e.g. Alias(es) Er rettet Peter und die restlichen Guardians of the Galaxy vor den Sovereign, denen Rocketwertvolle Batteri… Nebula arrived on Ego's planet and attempted to kill Gamora, who survived and defeated her sister however, the two sisters began to reach an uneasy alliance. Ego would have stayed on Earth forever if he had visited her one more time, so when he reveals that he deliberately caused Meredith's death by planting the tumor in her brain, although doing so broke his heart. Ego grievously stated that, despite him making countless mistakes for eons, Quill is not one of them and he wishes to be the father who bonds with his son, stating it is what Meredith wished for. The character returned in Nova vol 4 #20–30 and Astonishing Thor #1–5 (Nov 2010 – July 2011). Kirby had been using photo collages for several years; this image has been called "his most effective and freakish to date."[5]. Read Profile. Following his exploration into the cosmos and the discoveries of life, Ego was not impressed by what he sought. A living planet with a humanoid extension of himself, Ego desired to find meaning and had sought meaning to remake the entire universe via an omnicidal extinction-level event known as the Expansion, with the unwilling aid of Quill to summon all of Ego’s seedlings and terraform both all planets into new extensions of himself which would eradicate trillions of all life within it, leaving only him and Quill all there is. Upon meeting with the Guardians of the Galaxy and his son, Peter Quill, he presented himself as a cocky albeit wise father, sharing Quill's sense of humor and love of pop culture references to lull him into a false sense of security and eventually unlock his Celestial abilities. Those beliefs led him to underestimate how strong those feelings truly are, especially when Peter used the love he had for his mother and the bond of friendship with his fellow Guardians to break free from his control and when he used those same feelings along with his close bond for Yondu to unlock his full Celestials abilities. Portrayed by Unable to locate him, Ego attacks Earth. During Yondu's funeral, Quill gave an eulogy recognizing that Ego was never his dad: Yondu was. As the battle reached its end, along with his newfound allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Quill used the Orb to destroy Ronan the Accuser despite nearly being ripped off from existence. Immensely powerful and of huge humanoid shape, the Celestials are some of the oldest entities in the Marvel Comics universe. After formally meeting one another and putting aside their past animosities, Galactus uses his Life-Bringer abilities to form a body for the rest of Ego, who now calls himself Ego-Prime. Movie Ego the Living Planet was initially introduced in The Mighty Thor #132 (September 1966), and was created by Jack Kirby.[2]. 2 (2017), where the character is reimagined as a Celestial and Peter Quill's father. Without Ego's essence, his planet began to break down in a string of massive explosions, ending his reign to conquer the galaxy as his human form disintegrated and his planet form exploded. In the seduction model, Ego showed Quill how he procreated with many species across the galaxy. Quill and Ego both got into a heated argument about why Ego never returned to see Meredith, to which Ego explained that his humanoid form must return to his planet regularly otherwise his planet will decay if he didn't return; most importantly, he could not stand Meredith's death, claiming Quill could not understand how this felt. He cares very little about his progeny, having abducted hundreds of his own children from their homes and families and murdering them when they failed to show any powers. Two months following the Battle of Xandar, when Ayesha dispatched hundreds of fleet drones on the Guardians because Rocket Raccoon stole a batch of their batteries after defeating the Abilisk, Ego appeared unseen and shot immense projectile blasts to hundreds of the Sovereign fleets before the Guardians crashed on the local planet known as Berhert. Status 2 Prelude (mentioned)Avengers: Endgame Prelude (mentioned) ... A planet that was alive; a planet that was intelligent. Kurt Russell portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. [8], The Rigellian Tana Nile took a sample of Ego's form, in the hope that this could be used to fertilize sterile worlds being considered for habitation. [1], Ego explains his wish to be Peter Quill's father. Ego's avatar disintegrates in Star-Lord's arms. Being a Celestial, Ego lived for longer than most other civilizations. And while eating Cosmic Sharks, he was approached by an Asgardian worm who challenged Ego to fight, but Ego quickly laughed out loud of the fact that a worm thought that it could defeat him, but then Ego got completely destroyed by the worm after the worm (King Loki in disguise) whispered word of madness for the ensuing millennia.[34]. Ego was created by Kirby during a phase in which he was fascinated with the expanse of the universe.

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