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[59] The port of Melilla offers several daily connections to Almería and Málaga. In der Nacht vom 13. Melilla's Capilla de Santiago, or James's Chapel, by the city walls, is the only authentic Gothic structure in Africa. [2] Das Gebiet umfasst 13,4 km², auf denen etwa 86.384 Einwohner leben (Stand 1. In 1910, the Spaniards restarted the mines and undertook harbor works at Mar Chica, but hostilities broke out again in 1911. [41][42], In 2018, Morocco decided to close the customs office near Melilla, in operation since the mid 19th century, without consulting the counterparty.[43]. The principal industry is fishing. Tome 1, 794 p., tome 2, 308 p., thèse de doctorat d'histoire contemporaine soutenue en 2012 à Paris 1-Sorbonne sous la direction de Pierre Vermeren. The border is secured by the Melilla border fence, a six-metre-tall double fence with watch towers; yet migrants (in groups of tens or sometimes hundreds) storm the fence and manage to cross it from time to time. Melilla (US: /məˈliːjə/ mə-LEE-yə, UK: /mɛˈ-/ meh-;[2][3] Spanish: [meˈliʎa]; Tarifit: Mlilt;[4] Arabic: مليلة) is a Spanish autonomous city located on the northwest coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. special territories of the European Union, conquest of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, semi-autonomous status as the mainland region in Spain, United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, List of twin towns and sister cities in Spain, European enclaves in North Africa before 1830, Melilla (Spanish Congress Electoral District), "Cifras oficiales de población resultantes de la revisión del Padrón municipal a 1 de enero", "Marruecos pone fin al contrabando con Ceuta y asfixia la ciudad", "Valores climatológicos normales (1981–2010). In February 2014, over 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa scaled a security fence to get into the Melilla migrant reception centre. 59. In 2019, the proportion of Melillans that identify themselves as Roman Catholic was 65.0%, up from 46.3% in 2012. The climate, in general, is similar to the southern coast of peninsular Spain and the northern coast of Morocco, with relatively small temperature differences between seasons. Die Exklave Ceuta liegt auf nordafrikanischem Festland an der Straße von Gibraltar. Morocco denies these claims and maintains that the Spanish presence on or near its coast is a remnant of the colonial past which should be ended. In both cases, the national governments and local populations of the disputed territories reject these claims by a large majority. Spanische Afrika-Exklave Hunderte Flüchtlinge stürmen Grenzzaun von Melilla. As centuries passed, it was ruled by Vandal, Byzantine and Hispano-Visigothic bands. Accordingly, Melilla has the second most important concentration of Modernist works in Spain after Barcelona. The government bodies stipulated in the Statute of Autonomy are the Assembly of Melilla, the President of Melilla and the Council of Government. In der vorigen Woche kam es bei einer ähnlichen Aktion zu Zusammenstößen. 21. They started to construct a railway between the port and the mines. However, attempts by migrants to swarm the security fences at Melilla have been widely broadcast by Spanish media sources, creating a sense of urgency in mainland Spain. Alle paar Wochen stürmen sie los. The Duke of Medina Sidonia, Juan Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán promoted the seizure of the city, to be headed by Pedro de Estopiñán [es], while the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon endorsed the initiative, also providing the assistance of their artillery officer Francisco Ramírez de Madrid during the operation. The conflict was also known as the Margallo War, after Spanish General Juan García y Margallo, who was killed in the battle, and was the Governor of Melilla. It consists of 11 km (6.8 mi) of parallel 3 m (9 ft 10 in) high fences topped with barbed wire, with regular watchposts and a road running between them to accommodate either police patrols or ambulance service in case of need. It has an area of 12.3 km2 (4.7 sq mi). In the first quarter of the 20th century, Melilla became a thriving port benefitting from the recently established Protectorate of Spanish Morocco in the nearby Rif region. The new architectural style of modernismo was expressed by a new bourgeois class. [18] The city was occupied on 17 September 1497 virtually without any violence as it, as located in the border between the Kingdom of Tlemcen and the Kingdom of Fez and fought over many times by those powers, it had been left abandoned and partially ruined. In 2005 its height was doubled to 6 m (19 ft 8 in) since immigrants were climbing the previous fences equipped with home-made steps. Melilla (US: / m ə ˈ l iː j ə / mə-LEE-yə, UK: / m ɛ ˈ-/ meh-; Spanish: ; Tarifit: Mlilt; Arabic: مليلة) is a Spanish autonomous city located on the northwest coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco.It has an area of 12.3 km 2 (4.7 sq mi). [8], The original name (currently rendered as Rusadir), was a Phoenician name, coming from the name given to the nearby Cape Three Forks. The clubs travelled to each other via the Spanish mainland to avoid entering Morocco. Three roads connect Melilla and Morocco but require clearance through border checkpoints. Melilla was initially jointly administered by the House of Medina Sidonia and the Crown,[22] and a 1498 settlement forced the former to station a 700-men garrison in Melilla and forced the latter to provide the city with a number of maravedíes and wheat fanegas. [29], The Treaty of Peace with Morocco that followed the 1859–60 War entailed the acquisition of a new city perimetre for Melilla, bringing its area to the 12 km2 the city currently stands. [71] Both cities also have the same semi-autonomous status as the mainland region in Spain. Moroccans in the city's hinterland are attracted to it: 36,000 Moroccans cross the border daily to work, shop or trade goods. Melilla is located in the northwest of the African continent, in the shores of the Alboran Sea, a marginal sea of the Mediterranean, the latter's westernmost portion. [35] The French occupation of Oujda in 1907, compromised the Melillan trade with that city. Melilla (Aussprache: [meˈliʎa], Zentralatlas-Tamazight ⵎⵕⵉⵜⵛ Mṛitc) ist eine spanische Stadt an der nordafrikanischen Mittelmeerküste mit einer Landgrenze zu Marokko. Der Grenzzaun zwischen Marokko und Melilla im Überblick: Alle Nachrichten zu den ausgeklügelten Grenzbefestigungen in Nordafrika mit Bewegungsmeldern. Marokko – Flüchtlinge überwinden Grenzzaun zu Melilla. Melilla was the NUTS2 region with the lowest GDP per capita in Spain. [6] The population is chiefly divided between people of Iberian and Riffian extraction. Als spanische Exklave gehört Melilla zur Europäischen Union, ist aber gemäß dem Zollkodex der Union vom Zollgebiet der EU ausgenommen. There is a small, autonomous, and commercially important Hindu community present in Melilla, which has fallen over the past decades as its members move to the Spanish mainland and numbers about 100 members today. [37] Mining companies began to enter the hinterland of Melilla by 1908. 55. [49] In case of a motion of no confidence the president can only be ousted with a qualified majority voting for an alternative assembly member. [62], Melilla has been a popular destination for migrants in order to enter the European Union. Größter Ansturm auf die spanische Enklave seit Oktober 2018. Constructed by Spain, its stated purpose is to stop illegal immigration and smuggling. It was also cited by Mela (I, 33) as Rusicada, and by the Itinerarium Antonini. Melilla has a warm Mediterranean climate influenced by its proximity to the sea, rendering much cooler summers and more precipitation than inland areas deeper into Africa. Underground cables connect spotlights, noise and movement sensors, and video cameras to a central control booth. [57] Exports to the Customs Union (including Peninsular Spain) are however subject to the correspondent customs tariff and are taxed with the correspondent VAT. [68] The city's football club, UD Melilla, plays in the third tier of Spanish football, the Segunda División B. Entwicklung. [64], In recent years, the Spanish government has urged Moroccan security forces to stem the flow of migrants traveling towards Melilla. It was part of the Province of Málaga until 14 March 1995, when the city's Statute of Autonomy was passed. 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This style, frequently referred to as the Spanish version of Art Nouveau, was extremely popular in the early part of the 20th century in Spain, notably in Catalonia. Since the 2014 incident, Spain has installed additional security measures, including increased fencing, camera surveillance systems, and a more salient troop presence. Also, in order to facilitate the intruders' detention, devices to slow them harmlessly were added. [70] The Spanish position states that both Ceuta and Melilla are integral parts of Spain, and have been since the 16th century, centuries prior to Morocco's independence from France in 1956, whereas Gibraltar, being a British Overseas Territory, is not and never has been part of the United Kingdom. [46] Unlike regional legislatures (and akin to municipal councils), the assembly does not enjoy right of initiative for primary legislation. [36] and the enduring instability in the Rif still threatened Melilla. The government of Morocco has repeatedly called for Spain to transfer the sovereignty of Ceuta and Melilla, along with uninhabited islets such as the islands of Alhucemas, the rock of Vélez and the Perejil island, drawing comparisons with Spain's territorial claim to Gibraltar. [7] There is also a small number of Sephardic Jews and Sindhi Hindus.

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